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Robert McHenry: Autobiography Part 5

Chapter 5 Bob and Ruthie Retire In September of 1995, I retired. Five months later Ruthie retired. Ruthie and I have taken a cruise to Alaska, spent three weeks in Hawaii with her brother Wayne and his wife, and went... Continue Reading →

Robert McHenry: Autobiography Part 4

Chapter 4 Bob and Ruthie Move from the Little Farm House Around 1965 we sold our little farm house. The house and barn sat on one side of the road on one acre. That left eight acres on the other... Continue Reading →

Robert McHenry: Autobiography Part 3

Chapter 3 Bob and Ruthie Set-Up House Keeping Ruthie had approximately $1,000 saved up and back then that was a lot of money. Heck, it's still a lot of money. It's just that everyone else wants more of your money... Continue Reading →

Coat of Arms

I've recently been in contact with John Lehman and have really enjoyed his coat of arms website (! His site features an amazing library of artwork depicting different surnames, including my own. If your surname isn't listed on the website, you can submit... Continue Reading →

Robert McHenry: Autobiography Part 2.5

Chapter 2.5 Marriage At that time the legal age for boys was twenty-one and the legal age for girls was eighteen. So, since we were both eighteen I had to get my dad to sign for me, and Ruthie just... Continue Reading →


I'm happy to announce that Thomas MacEntee has added me to his blog roll at GeneaBloggers! He wrote a short post announcing my blog and one other new genealogy blog. Check it out! The post can be found here.

Robert McHenry: Autobiography Part 2

Chapter 2 The Pizza Party I thought Ruthie was a very good looking gal and one of the nicest people that I had met in IL. She lived on a farm and I was a city boy from the south.... Continue Reading →

Robert McHenry: Autobiography Part 1

Chapter 1 How Bob Got to IL and Met His Wife-To-Be When I was seventeen, I was living in Oakdale, Louisiana. My Aunt Lucile came down for a visit. She usually came down a couple times a year to see... Continue Reading →

Can You See the Resemblance?

I was working on uploading some family pictures today from the McHenry side of the family, and my goodness, these men all look alike! The beginning of the family resemblance starts with my 2nd great-grandfather, Chester George McHenry. He was... Continue Reading →

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